TEXT (english): Dear Sibila: We are Freelance Feminist Instituting from our Homes, Aren’t You?, ONCURATING, 2021

What does it mean […] to curate an exhibition or run feminist art organizations that attempt to challenge and undermine dominant structures, modes of production, and forms of art and knowledge? What acts of self-exploitation may be involved? […] How can creative dark matter[1] and knowledge be made visible without playing into cognitive capitalism’s hands?[2]

These were some of the questions that we—as part of the curatorial team together with art educator and artist Andrea Haas and art historian and curator Véronique Boilard—raised in the exhibition booklet DARK ENERGY. Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively (2019); questions that were tackled by the different channels of the project: a pre-gathering, an exhibition, an accompanying programme, a workshop, and a published translation of an interview.[3]

For more of the article, see https://on-curating.org/issue-52-reader/dear-sibila-we-are-freelance-feminist-instituting-from-our-homes-arent-you.html

“Instituting Feminism” (Issue 52 / November 2021, eds. Dorothee Richter, Helena Reckitt) reflects on the efforts of curators, artists, and community organisers to move beyond identifying inequities in the cultural industries to devising tools that can foster structural change. Exploring how curators have developed projects informed by feminist politics and aesthetics, contributors also look beyond representational formats to highlight the infrastructures and co-dependencies upon which cultural production relies. Envisaging feminist instituting as an active, relational practice, articles discuss curatorial, artistic, and organisational initiatives that seek to forge alliances with struggles for ecological and social transformation.

Romane Bernard, Nanne Buurman, Sofia Cecere, Ève Chabanon, Emelie Chhangur, Anna Colin, Angela Dimitrakaki, Berit Fischer, Jennifer Fisher, Thelma Gaster, Nandita Ghandi, Janna Graham, Althea Greenan, Jeanne Guillou, Husseina Hamza, Merete Ipsen, Joyce Jacca, Tracey Jarrett, Daria Khan, Sharlene Khan, La Sala (Alba Colomo and Lucy Lopez), Barbara Lefebvre, Séraphine Le Maire, Oksana Luyssen,Rosa Martínez, Alex Martinis Roe, Erin McCutcheon, Rose Moreau, Camille Morineau, Adele Patrick, Madeleine Planeix-Crocker, Jeanne Porte, Laurence Rassel, Helena Reckitt, Maura Reilly, Dorothee Richter, Secretariat for Ghosts, Archival Politics and Gaps (SKGAL), Nizan Shaked, Cornelia Sollfrank, Ann Sutherland Harris, The Two Talking Yonis, Miska Tokarek, Elena Zaytseva, Catherine de Zegher.

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